LB Care Giver Services Receives 1001st Call from their eLocal Listing Internet Marketing Campaign

Now, I am not going to get in the medical marijuana debate, I understand the controversy and I appreciate (yet not always agree with) both sides, instead this blog is to celebrate the 1001st call that LB Care Giver of Lansing, MI received from their wildly successful Internet Marketing Campaign with eLocal Listing. Congratulations LB Care Giver Services and Congratulations eLocal Listing . YOU ROCK!

OK, I can.t just leave it there, it is very early in the morning and I have been so busy preparing for the launch of our website redesign that I haven.t made a post in quite some time and I kind of miss my posts (even if no one else does). As I was editing Tim.s post on Facebook Search. I decided that I would post as well and what better to post about than the controversial topic of medical marijuana.

On November 4, 2008 two historical events took place in American history, the first more notable, the second a law to help for those suffering from a variety of ailments and for whom the ability to receive treatment was as significant a historical event. The first you might (OK, should) be able to guess and that was on this day and that was the election of Barack Obama and on this same day in Michigan, Michiganders made history as well by passing Proposal 1, the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, legalizing medical marijuana.

I am not sure that our Founding Fathers would be too surprised about either one of these events; (that is a debate for another day and another blog) but there are two things for certain. One is that the controversy over medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan and other states will continue and the next thing that I am certain of is that the calls that LB Care Giver will receive from their eLocal Listing Internet Marketing Campaign will keep on coming. Congratulations LB Care Giver in Lansing, MI . we look forward to celebrating call number 2001.

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