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Oh that Google, only 12 years old and already has the world at their feet, waiting with baited breath over their big announcement this afternoon. They have been hinting and giving cryptic clues now for days, yesterday their clever, but somewhat annoying birthday dots and today I wake (well actually I didn.t sleep) to find that the Google Logo starts out gray, but the letters light up as you type text into the search box.

As I mentioned, I hadn.t slept all night, so I wasn.t sure if I was seeing the logo clearly and while most days they let me mouse over to see what the logo represents today they didn.t. So, yes Google my curiosity was sparked, what are you clever tweens up to today? Could it be the potential of a mega merger between Google, Skype, and other giants to change the world as we know it or streaming search. Since talks have been .paused. for now (stay tuned for more news on this topic) it must be Streaming Search.

While I will await the announcement and will have one of our SEO experts write on the impact it will have on our customers and the world of search. I thought I would share a video of what Streaming Search (if/when announced) will look like. Enjoy

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