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Just last week we received an email from Larry of Enviro Tek in Alabama asking if we could get him found for his inspection services in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, and Mississippi. Well first, we are thrilled that he is doing so well with our services and wants to expand his Internet Marketing with us. Enviro Tek is found on the first page for mold inspector, mold inspections, mold remediation, and more. Larry says he gets 5 calls a day from prospective customers, which is great! At eLocal, we focus on Local Internet Marketing, where we connect local businesses with local consumers and we do it well!

Marcus and I called Larry to find out how we could help him and he told us about a problem with Chinese Drywall. Marcus and I looked at each other and shrugged, Chinese drywall, what is Chinese drywall and what kind of problems could it be causing? And what does Chinese drywall have to do with Larry.s mold inspection and mold remediation business and why was Larry so interested in being found for it in those particular states. What does anyone do when they want to find out information, they .Google It..

According to the Associated Press and in an article from newsinferno.com more than 500 million pounds of possible defective Chinese drywall was imported in to the U.S. This Chinese drywall not only emits sulfur fumes that produce a .rotten egg. odor, but also cause metals, such as faucets and air conditioning coils to corrode. While I read a number of articles with differing views, it has been reported that these fumes can be associated with respiratory and sinus problems. In some cases, so severe that families have had to move and some builders have begun gutting and replacing drywall in these buildings. In a few articles I read that many of the compounds in this Chinese drywall were both potentially toxic and in a liquid form, flammable! EEK!

But why Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana Larry?

Larry explained and my .googling. found that the recent hurricane activity in these areas pushed the demand past the supply and builders and suppliers were forced to find manufacturers outside of the U.S. As a result they turned to Chinese drywall. Larry also explained that Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana, not only were ravaged by weather, but the climate encourages the emission of these sulfur fumes.

Larry explained that he had the equipment to check for air quality and a process that can treat the drywall without having to go through the expense of gutting. I will .google. this next, but in the mean time, I will just do an eLocal Shout Out to Larry from his friends at eLocal Listing . if you are looking for a mold inspector in Montgomery, AL or help with Chinese drywall problems, please give him a call.

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