Envirotek LLC of Montgomery, AL Sees Growth in Revenue with eLocalListing

I just love this story .

I received an email from one of our reps in customer relations that a customer was really very happy with our services and was willing to provide references and a testimonial. I contacted him to see if we could use his testimonial for the site. He said yes and we posted it.

I then received a message from this Larry of Envirotek LLC,
a mold inspector in Montgomery AL because he hadn.t received a call in two days from his eLocalListing .ad.. He checked Google and couldn.t find himself under .mold inspector Alabama. like he used to.

I thought maybe he had made a mistake, Alabama? We are good, but are we that good?

So, we contacted Larry and sure enough he said you could type in mold inspectors Alabama on Google and find him.

Hmmm, well we did it . Larry had made a small keyword typo, but if you spelled it correctly, you found Larry! For not only his town, but for the entire state of Alabama.

During our interaction he told Marcus Nicosia, one of our reps, that in January he was pretty much retired, but doing an odd job here and there as a mold inspector. In late January he tried our services and now he is working full time and he gets a call almost every day from our listing. He has received a number of large insurance deals and just landed a large deal with a Federal Agency because of us. He said he advertises on TV every now and then, but that he can attribute 90% of his work to advertising with eLocalListing.

He said thank you, thank you, thank you eLocalListing!

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