The Pod People

While over the last three years Internet Marketing Companies have come and gone, eLocal Listing has not only survived but thrived because of our innovation, product depth, internal talent, and agility.

At eLocal Listing, under the direction of Steve Espinosa, our product line has grown, expanded and never been better. Our customers are seeing great results getting to the top of Search Engines. One recent change was the appointment of Greg Royse as VP of Operations and the introduction of a Pod Structure for our provisioning and customer service.

Greg quickly went to work and outlined our goals of improving the performance of our Fast Found product line and our customer.s experience This was a tall order, as eLocal Listing already provided a level of customer service virtually unparalleled, and Local Internet Marketing products that lead the industry at their price point. Never satisfied . we decided to set our sights even higher.

As innovators in Internet Marketing, we took a similar approach to creating a structure that allowed our very talented SEO and customer service staff the ability to tear down the fences of bureaucracy and empowered them to rise above the traditional top-down (hierarchical) organizational structures and form team oriented Pod Structures. These Pods which include talented staff from TryBPO, an outsourcing company in the Philippines, so that we can provision and support our customers around the clock. The team includes captains and empowered, dedicated members. Captains motivate team members and team members take ownership and pride in providing the best service to their assigned customers. An atmosphere of .coopetition. between the Pods provides exactly what Greg set out to do, improve our already excellent service and products.

Pods are now able to use their new expertise, creativity, and tools to care for their customers and improve the customer experience. While part of our business paradigm was to out-source parts of provisioning, the Pods, surprisingly enough have grown very efficient and we were able to reduce our costs and bring a great deal of our process in-house, where the SEO experts are.

As eLocal Listing moves forward at the cutting-edge of Local Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Network Marketing, the Pod structure is an integral part of our future and our customer.s success. Technology, education, and teamwork are the cornerstones of eLocal Listing.s success in the growing Local Search Engine Marketing, Social Network Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization markets.

Any questions, Greg Royse can answer them all . Contact him at

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