Why most business websites struggle with seo

I just read an interesting article in WebSite Magazine that truly surprised me. The article written by Peter Prestipino and Mike Philips made the bold statement that .most websites struggle with SEO.. It went on to state that of the Fortune 500 companies, more than half of the companies had almost NO natural search visibility with their targeted keywords. It stated that of those surveyed only two percent of the domains showed a significant number of their keywords in the top 100 natural results.
What? And I was always jealous of these giants and their large internet marketing budgets only to find out that what we do at elocallisting.com is difficult for even the best to achieve. Then I thought about it, what is it that we do that makes our profile pages soar to the top of Search Engines.

It starts with the design of our Profile or Customer Connection Pages. These were designed to take advantage of the latest Search trends and follows SEO White Hat internet marketing rules (that means we play by the rules and Search Engines reward us!) Next, we focus on a small subset of keywords. We choose highly searched, relevant, and targeted keywords based upon careful and on-going research. Next we write content that is designed for two things, SEO and Internet Marketing. We (and we continue to get better and better) write content that is compelling and meaningful and yep, the Search Engines seem to like it. Next, we run ranking reports and monitor and adjust keywords that aren.t performing or are not providing the types of calls that our customers are looking for. eLocal rocks! Our customers continually rank in the top 10 spots on the major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing ..

We recently added the ability to track clicks from our Profile Pages to our Customer.s websites on our Quick Glance DashBoard (being launched on April 22nd), and while I knew that we sent traffic to our customer.s web sites, I had no idea how amazing it really would be! In the first two weeks in April, our Mold Remediation customers received on average a 47% conversion rate to their website. The industry category of Water Heater Sales & Services had a 33% visit to call conversion rate and a 33% visit to click conversion rate. Accountants faired equally as well with over 33% for both and Architects at 60% visits to calls and 47% visits to clicks. The list goes on and on!

Not only do we offer our customers great first page ranking on the majority of their key phrases, but we do something that even the big guys can.t do . while we don.t SEO a customer.s web site, our highly optimized Profile Pages rank for highly targeted keywords and drive business through phone calls, emails, texts, and clicks to those unseen websites . hmm maybe those Fortune 500 companies should give us a call!

To close .. one of our competitor.s slogan is that calls are better than clicks . we thinks calls AND clicks are better!

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