We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists

So today I am doing something that I swore I never would. I am using elocalrocks as my soap box to implore our politicians to make sound fiscal decisions above personal or party interests.

Now, you have to understand a few things before you read this: 1) It has nothing to do with Local Search 2) I am a Republican and have only voted outside of my party 4 times in my life; three times for two different Governors in NH (I figured if you ate with or cooked for someone more than a few times, you could consider them friends and vote for them) and the other for John B. Anderson in 1980 because Reagan had bad mouthed my boy George, 3) I listened to my Mother on most things, for she is a wise woman and when she told me not to talk .politics, sex, or religion., I have done my best, 4) I do not think that Social Media such as Facebook is the forum to air your religious or political views and while I respect those who post some ideologically sound post and ask me to repost, I have never done so, nor will I 5) I am a bi-partisan defriender, although I do admit that those leaning more left go first, in the world of Social Media if you use our .friendship. as a bully pulpit, you will eventually walk the plank 6) I guess I should declare my love, knowledge and obsession with the forming of our government and the US Constitution and make you aware that I double majored in Political Science and US History from Assumption College, got ½ way through an MLA in US Constitutional History from a pretty good school in Cambridge, MA and taught history to a bunch of unwilling high school students in Chelmsford, MA.

So now that my declarations have been made, let me once again return to my soap box to talk about the dangers of the actions of our current administration by looking to the past.

For the last month, old mighty Congress, a branch of the government that directly represents the people (thus the name the House of Representatives) and who by oath promises not to swear their allegiance to anyone other than the people, have been haggling back and forth with the strut of a peacock on which party is right and which is wrong. They decided that they would grandstand on principal about our looming debt and use it as a bargaining chip and their last minute watered down policy has resulted in the dropping of our S&P credit rating from a AAA to a AA+.

The partisanship in the Senate is truly no better, but I pick on the House because the onus is on them to represent the people! And the people do not want, nor do they deserve the showboating and grandstanding that our elected officials have displayed in the last few months. I don.t care what party you belong to any more, whether you are a democrat, republican, tea party or no party (note that the intentional use of lower case) in the words of my favorite President, Thomas Jefferson in his inaugural speech .We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists. . and that the .strongest Government on earth. is one .where every man, at the call of the law, would fly to the standard of the law, and would meet invasions of the public order as his own personal concern.. .That a wise and frugal Government .. shall restrain men from injuring one another..

Where was the restraint, where was public order over personal concern, where is our frugal government? In the scheme of things 210 years isn.t (or shouldn.t be) too long of a time to remember the lessons of this brilliant man.

Why did our representatives, our Senate, and our President let partisanship get in the way of making good sound decisions? Did we like the Romans think our empire was too great to be toppled; do we plan to implode in the same manner? Did we think that the rest of the world would think us too mighty to defeat, to drop our rating? Stop, please, come up with a plan, make some hard decisions, but make them for the good of the people, those people who pay your salary, who you made an oath to represent.

Don.t blame each other, don.t blame Standard & Poor.s, don.t blame the press or even the President. Listen to Michael Jackson, when he said it starts with the man in the mirror (OK, I am going overboard with metaphors). We were warned that if we didn.t pass legislation, make cuts, show the world what a Republic was supposed to be, that they would down grade us, but no, we waited until the last hour and passed, what can hardly be called a proposal that sets us (and our children) up for failure for the future.

Go back and listen to George Washington.s 1786 farewell address, of course you are supposed to be listening to the time honored tradition (since 1862) where he warns .friends and citizens to avoid the forces of geographical sectionalism, political factionalism, and interference by foreign powers in the nation’s domestic affairs threatened the stability of the Republic..

The stability of the Republic has been threatened . I deplore you friends and citizens to look within yourselves to see that our nation.s domestic affairs have clearly threatened the stability of our Republic.

OK, I need to stop before my CEO discovers that I have used my bully pulpit of this blog and makes me take this post down . I deplore our citizens to demand better, to participate in a meaningful way to encourage our representatives to do what is right for the common good and not their state, their ego or their party . in the mean time I wonder if President Obama will leave his presidency off his grave stone as well .

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