The Green Lantern Signs up with eLocal Listing

Today the mild mannered citizens of Gotham City Temecula CA were shocked to find themselves confronted by the mysterious and terrifying specter of the Green Lantern. They had been enjoying a peaceful day anticipating the holiday weekend and enjoying the luxury of a Free Dress (even shorts) Friday when they were visited by the fearsome masked man in green.

He swooped into the unsuspecting sales center waving his fist and calling in anger and rampaged through the hard working citizens of customer support and production. It rapidly emerged that the masked marauder was enraged by the coverage that Iron Man, Batman and Spider man, Joker and Penguin were receiving in search engine results pages. “It’s reached a point where any time I type in ‘Super hero or Super villain, there are page after page of information on all those other guys but nothing on me” he explained to Ms Collins the willowy reporter from the Gotham Temecula Bugle. “It’s not funny anymore; I never get calls from my Internet Marketing with those other guys, why can.t you help me?. There is nothing worse than being and irrelevant super villain” he lamented.

After speaking to the lovely Amy Simpson the dewy eyed leader of the sales team, the fearful Green Lantern signed up for a five city package covering Gotham, Temecula and the nearby metropolitan areas of Moscow, Murrieta and London Lake Elsinore. “it’s an amazing value” he exclaimed to a cowering sales floor “and I only get charged when I get calls for my fearsome services.”

With a last terrifying wave of his fist he leaped aboard his rocket board and just as Spider man (another eLocal Listing customer) arrived to save the day. “Who was that masked man? Jacque was heard to say as he roared into the sunny Gotham Temecula sky.

Green Lantern

Photo taken by Jay Jones

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