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OK, I have waited my entire career in product marketing to have a product or to associate myself with a company with a great name. What did I get ? Atex, MEI and product names like IAR, Integrated Accounts Receivable, OK, I named it and sure it was concise and clear, you knew what you were getting right? Yep, an integrated Accounts Receivable package, but try to be clever in your press releases or your promotional packaging. I always wanted some sort of a name that I could rhyme with, make up cute little diddies, use puns, cliché all those things that people roll their eyes at (and Marketing Coordinators that are 20 years younger, say .I don.t get it., (shout out to you Jackie, miss you)), but I longed for the catchy, the inane, the just plain silly. Even if it never made it to print or web, it would have been fun to sit around and think of what we could say . I can just imagine the laughs we would have had back in suite 102, Aaaron, Steve, Justin, and the crew! Certainly, eLocal Listing is a name that is solid, makes sense, not a bad choice, again clear and concise, what do we do we provide Internet .e. Local .too obvious to put in parentheses) and Listing, as part of our Internet Marketing campaign we submit Google and Yahoo! Listings. And the logo, oh Steve and Aaron, just refrain . it is OK, I get it . blue, black, chart representing growth, business like. Sure it reminds you of the AT&T bars, but it beat the . Mickey Mouse. ears logo we had before. But try to use either one of those to come up with a catchy slogan or marketing campaign. Sigh I had been relinquished to a career with product with a boring name . Oh flash back I worked and had to design a website for a company called PPI who had three big RED ARIAL ITALIC BOLD LETTERS as their logo . not good .. sorry, I digress and I will through this entire blog. It will make no sense and may appear self indulgent, but imagine my wonder when I was presented (like a gift) with something I could finally work with, a name, a logo, a partnership with a company who has a cool logo and a name that anyone who has ever had anything to do with marketing would die for . I had a fish. OK, I always wanted a dog, but a fish would do!

So, no I am not going to tell you what I am actually talking about (yet) . I have a fish (of sorts), so for the next few minutes, I am going to get it out of my system . so Martin, our amazing Social Media guy points me to an all Fish Quote site for inspiration . Oh this is fun!

So, let.s see now I can use sayings like .get hooked on., the whole teach a man to fish saying, fish tales, fish stories, nothing fishy here . fish and visitors stink after three days . Sorry, I know I can.t actually use that one, but I always wanted to quote Ben Franklin in something I did .

Alright so it isn.t as easy as it seems . but it was fun nonetheless .. I guess I could use some help . anyone have any good fish quotes . after all those years with boring names and logos and I draw a blank . Comments, responses are welcomed and encouraged, can.t give you anything for them, just a thanks!

.Give me a fish and I eat for a day. Give me a PixelFish and I eat for a lifetime.. That is your only clue on what I am talking about!

Til next time . more great stuff coming.

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