Steve Jobs Gives us Something to Talk About

I was leafing through the Internet this morning whilst listening to some banter on the radio when I heard about some pencil necked geeks at a company snappily named Sysomos, a company that boasts Social Media Monitoring Tools, had actually  measured the online impact of the passing of the late Steve Jobs (the former CEO of Apple).

The aforementioned geeks counted 2.5 million tweets in the first 12 hours after the announcement. The chattering classes then pretty much immediately posted 1,081 blogs , 1,790 online news articles, 618 forum posts and the volume continued to rise with 13,611 blog mentions and 33,484 news mentions by the following morning. Aside from wondering how you actually count that much stuff and maintain a social life, it’s an impressive testament to just how insanely connected our world has become…in part directly due to the efforts of that one guy.

Meanwhile back to the radio banter the topic was of course Mr. Jobs and they were searching for a valid comparison to him from history. Someone suggested Leonardo Da Vinci, someone else Michael Angelo. My favorite comparison was with Tony Stark….just in case you didn’t catch the movie he was the stylish and brilliant inventor hero who became Iron Man. That’s perfect…Steve Jobs was Tony Stark….and we just lost Tony Stark…bummer.

The team at eLocal Listing wish to express our deepest sympathy and our gratitude for Steve Jobs.

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