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A while back, one of our superstars on our Provisioning team pointed out that a customer.s name seemed wrong; it started with .AAA.. I of course laughed because I remember years ago when I lived in Virginia and was helping a friend who wanted to start a company and we were trying to decide on a name. We decided on a name, which I can.t remember, that had two A.s in the beginning and had some Greek meaning. The point was that we chose a company that would come up first in Yellow Pages (you know those really big books that are delivered yearly and sit unread on the curb until yellowed (no, not how they got their name) and finally thrown away) and Local Business Directories.
While much has changed since that day twenty-five years ago, much has stayed the same. Smart business owners understand that in order to get seen and grow your business, you need to be at the top of the list. It is just now that the place businesses want to be found in is not the dinosaurs of advertising, The Yellow Pages, now it is online advertising and Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Where the internet marketing positioning matters most. In January 2010 Google had 65.4% of all US searches, Yahoo! Claimed 17%, and Microsoft.s Bing, nudged up to 11.3% of total US searches. (
Another change is that getting to the top of the list isn.t as easy as adding a few .a.s. to the top. To get to the top of the three major search engines takes time both to rank and to optimize. Many small businesses try to do it on their own with some success, but most find that sustaining great positioning is not as easy as it appears and that they are competing with pros with Internet Marketing Secrets that small business owners just don.t know.
Some keys are:

1. Hosting your site on a US based hosting company.
2. The age of your domain . when it comes to your site, older is better!
3. URL structure
4. Good Keyword Analysis
5. Well written Content with a balance of SEO and marketing
6. Inbound and Outbound links

If you are having trouble getting to the top of Search Engines, you may want to hire a professional internet marketing company to help you with all or part of your Internet Marketing Strategy.
eLocal Listing can help. Just give us a call at 1.800.285.0484.

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