Pay Per Call vs. Pay Per Click

Business owners are still confused about the difference between Pay PerCall and Pay Per Click. Let.s try to clear up a few things in this post.

Pay Per Click Internet Marketing has been around since 1998. launched the first successful paid or sponsored Search model where advertisers bid on how much they would pay to appear at the top of results on Search Engines. Never heard of, neither had I, but they were purchased by Overture and then in 2003 by a little company called Yahoo! (you may have heard of that one!) And while Google.s Paid or Sponsored definitely is the leader in Paid Search, they weren.t the pioneers; Google launched AdWords in October of 2003 with 350 customers.

While Pay Per Click (AdWords, Sponsored Search) is widely used and despite Google.s democratic pledge, Pay Per Click can be confusing for small businesses who would rather service their customers than bid, compete, and wonder when/where/if their business will be listed among corporate giants or savvy Search Marketers. Don.t think it is confusing, type in AdWordsTips and you will find over 786,000 results. Something so needed, shouldn.t require 786,000 results to explain.

But with a Pay Per Click campaign the measurement stops at clicks and does not measure success in cals or sales. In addition, the character limitation can make it difficult for potential customers to understand exactly what your business does. Competing for popular key terms can be expensive and when your budget runs out, so doesn.t your exposure.

Pay Per Click

Now, we aren.t knocking Google AdWords or Yahoo! Search Marketing, they are great tools that drive clicks to your businesses. We just want to level the playing field and provide an affordable and easy way for businesses to drive, not just clicks, but calls to their business with our new Clicks to Calls Program; a revolutionary Pay Per Call Internet Marketing program that drives calls to businesses. The best part is that businesses only pay when the phone rings.

With Clicks to Calls, businesses are found in Natural/Organic Results on ALL the major Search Engines with Local Search Queries. Hitwise reports that 76.7% of Google users use natural search results and not paid or sponsored links and that the top ten positions in Search Results receive 78% more traffic than those in positions 11 . 30.

When a customer clicks on your listing, they access a Business Profile that has detailed information about YOUR business, like hours of operation, specialties, payment methods, and more – not just 95 characters. The page is designed for top ranking and provides lots of .Calls to Action. .for us that means calls.

When a customer locates your business and reads the profile, they already understand where you are located and what type of services you provide. In other words, they are motivated and serious about doing business with you. They are all ready to do business with you, all it takes is a phone call.

Another benefit is that you don.t have to budget, bid, or compete with companies with a bigger advertising budget. Our new Performance Based Internet Marketing is a great way for businesses to compete in Internet Marketing or online advertising with little risk. Customers pay a small onetime set up fee and then ONLY when the phone rings.

Each business receives a Call Tracking Number (with lots of great features) that sends calls directly to the business owner. No third party, no competition. The customer searches, clicks and then calls the business directly. All calls are tracked and recorded, allowing small businesses to review call volume, return missed or abandoned call and even listen to each call via our exclusive Quick Glance Dashboard.

If you want more information, give us a call!

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