Google purchase of Dealmap is aTactical Masterpiece

I am by nature a history teacher, so I can.t help it . While as a general rule I am more interested in the political and social aspects of history, every once in a while a battle draws my attention because I just can.t help but admire the cunning and careful planning of a great military leader. One who carefully plots, out smarts, and well just out strategizes his opponent.

Two great battles come to mine; the three pronged strategy in the .Battle of Princeton. where George Washington and his commanders used Mother Nature, a bit of trick foolery and opportunity (Christmas Eve revelry) to defeat Cornwallis and the British. Or perhaps Napoleon and his most celebrated strategic victory at the Battle of Austerlitz where with a bit of planning, careful .negotiation. and, yeah cunningness, Napoleon.s army was able to crush the Russian-Austrian Army commanded by Tsar Alexander I. I won.t go in to the details, but I still recall the looks on my students. faces when I talked about this battle, amazing tactical masterpiece.

Now that the history lesson is over (or is it), I present to you a piece of tactical masterpiece that rivals those battles and other great battles that have come before and will come after. In what appears to be yet another example of Google wanting to expand its Internet Empire they announced the acquisition of Dealmap, a 15-month old company that compiles discounts from businesses across the nation.

Is this an attempt to bring down the mighty Groupon, a company they offered to purchase for 6 billion dollars and who politely refused the offer, instead hoping for a Public Offering.

So Google if even only in my self-indulgent mind, you might read this, please realize that I am not being critical or even skeptical, quite the contrary. I look forward to watching the strategy, like I would a good game of chess or a carefully planned out tactical masterpiece lead by a commander that is patient, diligent, and calculated.

Like Napoleon who began negotiating an armistice before destroying the enemy (historians argue whether the negotiations were part of his strategy toward victory or whether his victory was Plan B) Google.s strategy is fascinating. Or perhaps you are taking the strategy of Washington leaving a few .troops. behind to confuse the opponent (their coupon product called .Offers., confined to New York, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon) who undoubtedly have been reveling in the rebuttal of an amazing offer.

Google.s failed negotiations with Groupon left them with no other choice, but to win the battle and to gain access to the Deal Empire through acquisition. Watch out Groupon, I am certain the Tsar never thought they would be defeated, nor did they realize that the only way out was through a swampy area that made retreat impossible.

One thing is for sure is that e-coupons, daily deal sites, and other bargain sites are here to stay. The only questions are who will win or whether there is enough room for two emperors in that space.

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