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Did you ever wonder why a certain site appears a lot more than others or why you tell someone to .Google. something and they don.t get the same results . well wonder no more!
Google has recently expanded what it refers to as personalized search. Personalized Search is Google.s way of returning .better. search results. In summary, Google.s Personalized Search gains .access. to files on your desktop to better understand your history, consumer patterns, and past searches to return personalized results and to .deduce. what you .really. meant by your search query. Hmmm, deduce what we really mean!

In the past, this feature was only available when a user was logged in to their Google account, now every time you search on Google this feature is turned on automatically. Now they are doing now is taking Personalized Search to a whole new level by automatically running personalized searches for signed-out users. While most applaud Google.s initiatives for returning relevant results, many are concerned about confidentiality and users privacy while using Google.s personal search.

There are a number of things you should know, first there is a way to .turn. this feature off. Just open up your web history in Google. Then click pause, then google will stop tracking your web history until you click the unpause button. It is important to note that what you see when you search and what your friend or customers see could be different as well.

Take a few minutes to watch this video by Google for a better understanding of .Personalized Search. . Happy Searching from eLocal Listing!!! (888)827-6849

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