Google and the Internet to change the outcome of Casey Anthony Case

The Internet and Google have changed the way our court system has worked in ways that we could never have imagined during the other .Trial of the Century.; the trial of OJ Simpson in 1995.

I love trials and I was pleasantly surprised when my office mate shared an interest in the Casey Anthony trial and found a site that streams the trial live. Now, I should mention that just a few weeks ago she was streaming a bird on the top of some building in New York sitting on her egg, so you can understand how happy I was that she was going to participate in something a little more exciting than this bird, who seems to sleep most of the day. That is really another story for another blog . but oh how I love my quirky office mate.

So let.s get back to many ways that the Internet and Google is changing our legal system. First, the fact that it is streamed live on the Internet shows the power and reach of the Internet. When you Google .Casey Anthony Trial Live Stream Online., you get over 1,700 results returned. So my office mate and I have a plethora of choices to listen to this trial. As we were listening (while we work!) she asked if the jury had to stay in a hotel during the entire trial. So, we googled .Is the Casey Anthony Jury sequestered?. Google returned 114,000 results and in .11 seconds we got our answer; YES.

The next day our favorite witness, Dr. Arpad Vass was asked by the defense attorney if he was a research chemist; he stammered a bit and said, .no… with an inquisitive look. Baez said .Did you post to your Facebook account that you were a research chemist?. Dr. Vass, said .no.. Baez asked if he posted it on Wikipedia. Before I could turn to Tanya, she was searching on line and found that Wikipedia clearly said .research chemist…hmmmm.

When Judge Perry says good night to the twelve jurors and two alternates, he reminds them not to talk about the trial, read about the trial, or conduct any searches or participate in social media. I don’t remember Judge Ito telling the jurors to stay away from the Internet or Facebook ..

Now today as we listen to the various computer forensic scientists from the Computer Crime unit testify, we listen to how someone .googled. chloroform from a computer taken from the Anthony home. We hear testimonies of keyword searches for things like chloroform, broken neck and the infamous non-existent Zanny the Nanny and terms like internet cache, temporary internet files and other great lessons on how Search and Computers work in this day and age. Very interesting . it also shows how quickly one can find information and how criminals or potential criminals really need to be more careful with their Google searches.

Miss Anthony and her defense team have an uphill battle with what seems to be in insurmountable amount of evidence stacking up against the Florida mother. The Internet is not the defense.s friend and will surely change the outcome of this trial. Whether Anthony is found guilty or not guilty (our court system does not find people innocent) of murder or a lesser charge, there is no doubt that Google searches, Facebook and Myspace pictures, Wikipedia and the thousands of on-line streams will influence not only the outcome of this trial, but will have an impact on future .Trials of the Century..

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