Going the Way of the Buggy Whip

Local marketing industry savants have long been predicting the demise of print Yellow Pages books, going the way of the buggy whip due to overwhelming competition from Internet alternatives. Is this image a sign that the demise is upon us and faster than Search Engine Land predicted in an article on the same topic in 2007.

The demise is upon us, and if you don.t believe us try this experiment for yourselves. Ask any person under the age of 50 when the last time they used the Yellow Book was and well your response will be interesting. 40 . 50 may say they have used it once or twice in the last year. 30 . 39 might have this glazed nostalgic look on their faces either remembering using it a few times when they were a kid or sitting on it the first time they got to sit at the adult table during holidays. 20 . 29 may tilt their heads and give you a funny look, then reach back and recall that big yellow book, but any younger than that and you may get a .Huh, what is a Yellow Book. and if you try to explain that it was the way customers USED to search for businesses and phone #s, they simply won.t believe you. Ask anyone under 20 and it becomes clear that the tradition PC may be going the way of the buggy whip as well, since they will look at their phone and mumble something like, .What do you need that for dude, just use your phone..

But for you environmentalist in any age, it seems clear to me that Bell & Yellow Pages; We ALL have a thing called the Internet. Please stop wasting stuff.

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