Customers Want a Little “TLC”

TLC picI somehow managed to make it through my stack of to do paper work (OK, truth be known, I put some in a to do later pile) and am getting to the many blogs and posts about our space; Local Search, from the latest Kelsey Conference. I might jot down a few of the highlights from a number of blog posts and while I may not acknowledge all of the authors, I, in spirit thank them for their contribution.

From Randy Wootton of Microsoft.s offered some interesting data and thoughts in his session that all who endeavor to service SMBs in one way or another should pay attention to.

The first, which should be seen as good news is that US SMBs is a $15 Billion Opportunity!!

He went on to talk about the fact that SMBs are faced with an overwhelming number of options for advertising and need help navigating the complex landscape of Digital Advertising. Where should they advertise? How do they get listed, is social media important, what about free services vs. paid services? And more importantly, how do they update changes or keep track of their total digital advertising exposure?

I loved the way he paraphrased what customers need as a little .TLC. . Trust; Leads; Convenience.

The providers who can offer TLC and help Small Business Owners reach the widest Local Marketing Mix will succeed and take advantage of that $15 Billion Opportunity. This marketing mix includes Yellow Pages, Television, Radio, Online Yellow Pages, SEO & SEM, as well as Websites, vertical or niche sites, direct marketing, and the emerging world of mobile.

Stay tuned for more postings (some would say ramblings) from the 2010 Digital Marketing Strategy and for the latest going ons at eLocal Listing.

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