Cinco de Mayo and Internet Search – The Facts on Both!

Cinco de Mayo is a day to wear large sombreros, eat tacos (even at an Irish bar), and drink too much tequila. Is this date just a hallmark moment for tequila manufacturers? Yes and it is also one of the most misunderstood holidays that I am aware of. Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexico.s Independence Day from Spain (this falls on September 16th), and it actually has much less national significance in Mexico than it does en los estados unidos. It is the Alamo of Puebla, so to speak.

Indulge me for a very brief history lesson of Cinco de Mayo and then I will get to how it relates to Internet Search. Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of a surprise victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. France, not Spain. Yes under Napoleon III (not the famous one) France invaded Mexico in an effort (or in retaliation) to collect debts. The people of Puebla rallied against the mighty French army and in a surprise victory won the Battle of Puebla. (Thanks for the indulgence!)

But what does this have to do with Internet Marketing and Search Engines? Well, it got me thinking about Search and Search Results in other languages. So, I did some research and according to there are 139,849,651 Spanish speaking people using the Internet, representing 7.8% of all Internet users in the world a growth of 669.2% since 2000. Spanish is number three, with English coming in first and Chinese in second.

The importance of recognizing the growing population and influence Hispanic citizens and business owners should give rise to Search Engines and Internet Marketing companies. Hispanic small business owners make up over 1.6 million of the small businesses. Hispanic-owned businesses generated nearly $222 billion in revenue. The numbers are staggering. As recent news highlights the Hispanic population, Search Engines and Internet Marketing firms should give notice to a population that is growing. eLocal Listing is a member of the LBA . a Hispanic association based out of Los Angeles, CA.
So here.s to Cinco de Mayo!

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