All the little birdies on Jaybird Street Love to Hear the Birdies …

Going Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!

Perhaps the executives at Twitter aren’t old enough to remember “Rockin’ Robin“, a song recorded by Bobby Day in 1958 and then  re-released by the Jackson 5 in 1972 describing the sound that robins make. Because once once again Twitter is trying to trademark the term “tweet”.

In a statement regarding their latest attempt, Twitter said “It is in the best interests of our users and developers for the meaning of ‘Tweet’ to be preserved to prevent any confusion, so we are taking action to protect its meaning.”

While I respect their attempt, the word “tweet” has been defined as a weak chirping sound of a small or young bird for hundreds (perhaps longer) of years.  The new definition of tweet was re-introduced in 2006 by some very clever marketing executive by the now famous micro-blogging site, Twitter.   This micro blogging site now boasts over 200 million users and generates over 200 million “tweets” or short (140 character) text messages and 1.6 billion search queries a day.

I am fairly certain that when deciding on what to call these short messages the true definition of the word tweet was considered and like Google the word “tweet” has become an every day lexicon and has little risk of needing preservation or clarity or in my opinion trademarking.

Just for fun and in honor of Michael Jackson who is currently in the press with the trial of Conrad Murray I thought I would add this charming version of the Jackson 5 singing their beloved song Rockin Robin …. “all the little birdies going tweet, tweet”.


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